N Salon Acrylic Sculpture Kit


The perfect acrylic starter kit.

Contains acrylic liquid (15ml), clear powder (5g), pink powder (5g), white powder (5g) and pure sable professional sculpting brush.

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Create your own Salon Quality Acrylic Nails from home.                                                                        For best results use with N Salon Tips.

Keep at room temperature.

Read all instructions and warnings carefully before use.

Preparation :

Protect working surface with several paper towels.

For best application, clean acrylic brush before use. Pour a small amount of Acrylic Liquid into a glass dish. Dip the brush into the liquid and wipe off onto a paper towel until soft and smooth. Never dip the brush into the Acrylic Liquid bottle as this will contaminate the liquid.

Clean nails using an acetone based nail polish remover.

File or trim the free edge of the natural nail and gently push back cuticles. For best adhesion, lightly buff the surface of the nail using a Nail Magic 3 in 1 Buffer. Remove all filling dust from the nails with an acetone-soaked cotton ball. This will help prevent lifting.

Select the correct sized N Salon tips to match the width of your natural nails on each finger.

STEP 1 [ Complete Step 1 and 2 on each nail before starting the next nail ]

Pour some Acrylic Liquid into a small glass dish. Dip the brush into the Acrylic Liquid and wipe any excess liquid onto the edge of the dish. Place the tip of the brush onto the surface of the Pink Acrylic Powder, and slowly pull across until a small ball is formed. Place the Acrylic ball mixture onto the centre of the natural nail and allow the ball to settle. Use a wet mixture for a thin smooth application that will create the pink nail bed for your French Manicure. Then lightly press and pull from side to side of nail toward the nail tip. Press a small amount toward the cuticle, but do not touch the cuticle. Cover the entire nail surface. Remove any acrylic that gets on your cuticle or skin immediately with a manicure. Clean the brush with Acrylic Liquid and wipe onto a paper towel.


Step 2  [ Apply Nail Magic Salon tip ]

Select the correct sized N Salon Tip and dip the cuticle end of the tip into Acrylic Liquid before application.  Apply the nail tip on top of the acrylic while the Pink mixture is still wet. Press down and hold for 10 seconds to allow nail to set. Repeat step 1 and 2 on all fingers. Cut Salon Tip to desired length.


Step 3 [ Apply Clear Acrylic Sculpture. ]

Clean the brush. Dip the brush into the Acrylic Liquid and then into the Clear Acrylic Powder until a small ball is formed. Place the acrylic ball towards the end of the tip and allow the ball to settle. Using a press and pull motion, work the acrylic mixture up the nail.

Next, using less liquid and more powder apply another slightly drier and larger ball to the centre of the nail. This will help support the stress point of the acrylic nail. Let the ball settle. Gently press the ball from side to side to cover the nail. If necessary place a very small wet ball just above the centre of the nail and press toward the cuticle. Do not touch the cuticle. [ there is already a thin layer of pink in this area, so only use a very small ball for a professional look ] Remove any acrylic that gets on your cuticle or skin immediately with a manicure stick. Repeat this process until the tip and nail surface if level and smooth.  Repeat on all 10 nails.  Clean brush carefully when finished.


Step 4 [ Finish with Nail Magic 3 in 1 buffer ]

Allow acrylic to dry for at least 5 minutes. Use the pink coarse side of a Nail Magic 3 in 1 buffer to shape the tip and level out any bumps on the surface. Use the reverse fine side to smooth the top surface of the nail. Wash and dry hands. Apply a topcoat.

To Remove Sculptured Nails :

Do not break or peel off artificial nails, as this may damage your natural nails. Trim off as much artificial tip as possible. File the surface of all nails to speed up the process.

Soak nails in an acetone based nail polish remover until soft. Wipe with paper towel and repeat until all material is removed.

Wash hands thoroughly and apply hand lotion.


Keep out of reach of children. Use in a well ventilated area. Avoid inhalation, Ingestion, or prolonged contact with skin. Discontinue use if irritation, redness or discomfort occurs. Do not use on nails than are infected, damaged, thin or weak. If eye contact occurs, immediately seek medical attention. Acrylic Liquid is flammable. Keep away from heat and flame. Store Acrylic Liquid in a dry area out of direct sunlight.

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